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Mars Society Joins The Utah NASA Space Grant Consortium (USGC)

The Mars Society is pleased to announce that the organization was selected earlier this week as an official member of the Utah NASA Space Grant Consortium (USGC), which provides financial assistance and support to a wide variety of scientific institutions and initiatives across the state. The Consortium's board unanimously approved the Mars Society's membership during a meeting in Salt Lake City on Monday. Dr. Shannon Rupert, Director of the Mars Desert Research Station (#MDRS), will serve as the organization's appointed representative.

The Mars Society would also like to express its sincere appreciation to Dr. Bonnie Baxter, a Consortium trustee and Director of Westminster College's Great Salt Lake Institute, for her invaluable help in developing the relationship between USGC and the Mars Society. "I can't overstate the important and timely role Bonnie played in helping our organization build the necessary ties with members of the Consortium and help promote our Utah-based MDRS program," said Lucinda Offer, Mars Society Executive Director. Dr. Baxter is also one of the founding members of the recently-established Utah Mars Society chapter.

To learn more about USGC, please visit:


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