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#101 2023-12-19 12:04:59

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Re: Fuel Cell Development, Application, Prospects

For SpaceNut re #100

Thanks for finding and posting that article about a "proton" "battery". 

It might be easy for a person to become confused about the use of the word "battery".

This definitely appears to be an energy storage device.  The fact that it gets hydrogen from water to store energy is irrelevant, but it might be misleading or confusing to some of your readers.

If you can get hydrogen from another source, use that!

Water ** is ** available on Earth, so it seems to me to be a reasonable source of hydrogen.

The power density is slightly less that lithium batteries, but researchers are hoping to continue improving performance.

This definitely looks like a concept with competitive potential, because no exotic elements are required.

Thanks again  for the link!



#102 2024-02-22 21:09:56

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Re: Fuel Cell Development, Application, Prospects

Reusable and fireproof ‘water batteries’ promise explosion-free power

Rechargeable aqueous zinc-ion batteries (RAZBs) offer a safer alternative to lithium-ion batteries, utilizing non-toxic water-based electrolytes and cost-effective, high-capacity zinc anodes.

However, zinc anodes confront challenges like dendritic growth and hydrogen evolution reactions, impacting battery performance. Various strategies have been explored, including protective coatings to curb dendrite formation and pH adjustments at the electrode interface for hydrogen evolution reduction, according to the team.


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