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#1 2018-11-20 22:36:25

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Some fun for a change, at least for me.

Lets see how this goes smile

I like this one for it's freedom.  Not an insult to apache's, rather a compliment I think.  IAnyway, I like the presentation. … ORM=VRDGAR

I like this one because they can hold their attention span so long.  They are not pretending, they are really into it.  Don't get upset about the hair.  If you consult "The Fourth Turning", it may explain how gender differences are inhibited in such era's.  Anyway they were young and could have hair, so they did. smile

A girl once told me a silly story about how it was about someone who wishes his dead girlfriend would take his hand.  In the Garden of Eden.  Sort of a Christian no no.  You ain't sposed to talk to the dead ever.  But she was most likely doing a BS on me, so I guess it is OK.

Unless you are utterly without a heart, some of you might enjoy this stuff. … ORM=VRDGAR … ORM=VRDGAR … ORM=VDQVAP … ORM=VRDGAR

Little Neutrino  A little fun from Canada. … ORM=VRDGAR … ORM=VDQVAP

Ya, them.  The plains again, not very different from the Vikings I think. … &FORM=VIRE … &FORM=VIRE

No nudies and no swearing, do I get away with this partial download of my particular ancient likings?

Anyway just because I can until I can't smile 

Done and Done smile

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I like people who criticize angels dancing on a pinhead.  I also like it when angels dance on my pinhead.


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