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#1 2018-06-19 18:53:23

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I have proof that aliens once lived on Mars

I have the proof everyone has been looking for and it shows that an alien race once lived on the Red Planet around 138,000 years ago. You can see some of the proof by going to this website www(dot)ruinsmars(dot)bravesites(dot)com or www(dot)proofimages(dot)jigsy(dot)com  . You will not be disappointed. Some of the images on the websites are just plain unbelievable, however very real. The images are from the Gale Crater region on Mars and were taken by the Curiosity Rover now on Mars. One of the images shows a spoon another shows what could be a life form. All of the images are directly from NASA and are not enhanced at all they are basically raw images except for zoom. Check them out, they are unbelievable and very clear images.


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