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#1 2003-03-05 08:52:57

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Re: Balloon Rallies - Just an idea

*My childhood church held 2 or 3 balloon rallies, in order to draw attention to it, its activities and programs, etc.  Typed messages were tucked inside plastic wrap and secured, these were attached to heavy-duty string, and scores of balloons were sent up at the same time.  The name of the church, address, telephone number, etc., were included, along with notice of a prize to be awarded to whoever got the balloon farthest from the church and contacted the church.  The winner of one of these rallies was over 100 miles away. 

Perhaps Mars Society chapters could do the same thing; even if there are a handful of members in the chapter.  It would certainly draw attention to the Mars Society, is relatively inexpensive to do, etc.


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#2 2003-03-05 13:47:28

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Re: Balloon Rallies - Just an idea

Sounds like a nice idea. I recall that the German chapter had plans to develop a dirigible to send to Mars - a big balloon rally would be an excellent and fun way to help promote it.

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