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#1 2017-11-18 18:49:21

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From China Daily: "China aims to be world-leading space power by 2045"

China aims to be world-leading space power by 2045
(China Daily)   November 18, 2017

China plans to grow into a global leader in space technology by 2045, according to a route map drawn up by China Aerospace Science and Technology Corp, the major contractor of the country's space programs.
The following are the milestones China is expected to achieve in the following three decades.

-2020: Long March 8 carrier rocket, a medium-size launch vehicle, will make its debut. The application of the new rocket will significantly lower the cost of sending a satellite into low-medium orbit, boosting the country's ability to provide commercial launch services.

-2025: Suborbital spaceflight will be realized. Suborbital spaceflight reaches an altitude between 20 and 100 kilometers, often described as between the highest altitude an airplane can reach and the lowest level a satellite operates.
A suborbital carrier vehicle is able to fly in suborbit, allowing common people to go into space, Lu Yu, a senior rocket engineer from CAST, was quoted as saying by China News Service.

-2030: The 100-ton heavy-lift carrier rocket will be launched. According to the plan, the heavy carrier rocket will have a carrying capacity of 100 tons, compared with the 20-ton-level rocket used currently.
Lu said the heavy-lift carrier rocket will provide strong support for the country's manned lunar-landing mission and the Mars probe's return journey. He said China will by then join the ranks of world-leading countries in space transport capabilities.

-2035: The reusable carrier rocket will be developed. The route map shows an intelligent carrier rocket equipped with advanced power will be widely used in space transport by 2035.
By then, common people will be able to take reusable carrier vehicles to travel in space, Tang Yagang, the director of carrier rocket development at the China Academy of Launch Vehicle Technology, was quoted as saying by China News Service.

-2040: The nuclear-powered space shuttle will be built. It will enable large-scale resource exploration in space and mining on asteroids, as well as the building of space solar-power stations. Lu said between 2040 and 2045, a future generation of carrier rockets will be used in longer-term and multiple space trips.

-2045: China will become an all-round world-leading country in space equipment and technology. By then, it will be able to carry out man-computer coordinated space exploration on a large scale, Wang Liheng, a member of the Chinese Academy of Engineering, told China News Service.

Lu Yu forecast that by 2045, with advanced space transport capabilities, China will be able to carry out large-scale exploration on planets, asteroids and comets in the solar system, as space exploration enters a stage of rapid development.


#2 2024-03-04 12:16:22

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Re: From China Daily: "China aims to be world-leading space power by 2045"

This topic has been sitting at Zero replies since 2017.... from the perspective of 2024, it seems to me China is on track to reach the stated objective.

They have sturdy progress advancing on multiple fronts, and they aren't bothered by the woes of less authoritarian political systems.



#3 2024-03-04 18:22:46

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Re: From China Daily: "China aims to be world-leading space power by 2045"

Perhaps events planned before 2029 and 2049 and it will be covered with statements of National Pride. 2029-2030 could be a timeline for a Jupiter Tianwen-4 mission. One way they might start winning is by not losing, an own goal occurs in sports when a player performs actions that result in the player scoring points for the opposition.

Historically most governments are new even though cultures are old, San Marino the Italian micro-state of San Marino, which has been able to maintain its boundaries and integrity of government for more than 400 years is old-ish and continious, the United States is older than the Kingdom of Norway. Greece has a pretty good claim having invented the Western Democratic concept but long spells under Turk invasion as an Ottoman colony ends any continious nation state. China is not continious, it has fallen into periods of growth and collapse and growth again in history, next to it religion, India, the Middle East Silk Road, the Korean Buddhist Silla Kingdom existed next to China covered much of the Korean peninsula, making it one of the oldest nations in world history but it also fell. National pride is tided in with the Chinese program, there is a clear military spin of with rocket tech, the current path came from Project 921 and ' 863 Program' all the new outer planet missions, Asteroid and Mars missions seem to be under 'Tianwen' perhaps a paper circulated internally with ambitions with the characters 天問 literally translated 'Heavenly Questions' the Spacestation is Heavenly Station or Sky Palace, all referencing an ancient poet Qu Yuan of the state of Chu during the Warring States period.

They do plan long term and have reformed and started to open a little as Japan did in history and other isloated nation or kingdoms were more or less forced to exit from isolation.  They see themselves as great power to rival the USA maybe ambitions to go beyond the USA which they might think will decay, a history as older or as old as Egypt or India or Greece and a regional power they think they should be always far stronger than Japan or North Korea and South Korea other nations. If the Capitalists had won the Civil War and the Communists fled to Taiwan how different it would all be perhaps between the West and China. Even though China's history is old the country is still new, Japan and other nations had similar experience of remoteness and changes in rulers, grows in late 1800s other European nations and kingdoms had historical periods of closure, brutality and isolation. China grows now but they may stagnate and face similar issues that SKorea will has been facing and how Europe and Japan has issues but for now they have exited Mao brutality and grown with technology. The identify with Communism rule, they tried Monarchy and Emperors for a while, flirted with Christianity a Chinese revolutionary and religious leader who led the Taiping Rebellion against the Qing dynasty, Western powers backed Qing against the Christian, they were thinking of Western style Democratic systems but Communists won the civli war, Soviet-backed Chinese Communist Party (CCP) fought the US-backed Kuomintang government and today you see a Communist State. Asians of the Orient are often conformist, the Conformist Assimilationist Communists are very much part of their identity with their historical pride and one-party socialist Chinese republic. They have reasons to historically not trust outsiders, almost invaded beaten and carved up, flooded with drugs, the Opium Wars with Britain and France demanding money. Some dates to consider the 80th anniversary of the People's Republic of China, this would be 2029 expect something a big project, a Dam, an entertainment spectacle of feat, a Big series of Motor Ways, Trains maybe something on the Moon or Mars it might have private companies but still influenced by government? They will have new ideas, their form of leftism has changed it is not the Mao era nor USSR Communism of the past, it has a lot of national pride and they do not understand the Western left. The word 'Baizuo' is almost a curse is a derogatory Chinese description of the White-Self-Hate Leftist or Open Borders Useful Idiot Socialist used to refer to Western Liberals and leftists and to their values, especially in relation to for example borders or crime or refugee issues. The Chinese of the internet were particularly critical of Angela Merkel and the German government opening European borders to islamics, they also voiced support for Donald Trump's populist policies thinking America should be more loud, cowboy like and full of pride. The hundreth Anniversary of the Communist Leadership in China would be 2049 ...four years after 2045?
is it even possible to plan so far ahead with parts of the world going so chaotic
so who knows what they plan to have done and what will be achieved, some self-claimed experts and consulting firm and author on geopolitics claimed China would collapse and vanish already or maybe they will have an interstellar craft to go beyond Pluto, maybe a village or research base on Mars, perhaps they expect to have Fusion reactors or a station around Ceres or the Moon. China is on track but China also faces many issues, if I were to criticize others it would be Russia going tyrant imperialist and setting Russians backward or Europe for its lack of vision, the failures of big players and Germany’s Energy Madness and Self-Sabotage.

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#4 2024-04-19 13:15:20

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Re: From China Daily: "China aims to be world-leading space power by 2045"

hype? who knows??

Many of us have watched China, nobody thought of them when Bush Snr launched the SEI vision a 1989-1993 policy for Mars, it never went anywhere. Clinton cut NASA but NASA also had new feats driving around Mars with a little Sojourner in year 1997, then a loss of Shuttle and Bush junior had a vision, the Private sector started to become real people were unsure Bezos, Musk, Branson, people started to notice China, Obama, Trump, Biden, the pace of China has been somewhat glacial but each time the Chinese have a new feat, they make slow and steady steps.

Are we prepared for Chinese preeminence on the moon and Mars? - China is moving fast in the final frontier. … mars-op-ed


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