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#1 2017-02-18 17:06:45

From: Seattle, WA
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2017 Mars Society Convention

The 20th Annual International Mars Society Convention will be held at the University of California, Irvine on September 7th - 10th, 2017.

More information will be posted here: … onvention/

You can register for the convention here:

James Burk | Webmaster & IT Director | The Mars Society  |  +1 (206) 601-7143


#2 2017-05-12 09:36:36

From: Oconto, WI usa
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Re: 2017 Mars Society Convention

This is presented with all due reverence, therefore abate your derisive remarks.

Last year - I'd sent this to "the Call for Papers" people with a left-for-dead response.
Seen here, is my "call for papers - to be presented on their behalf" because I am indigent.
This is written from observations and a willing spirit.
- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

20th Annual International Mars Society Convention (2017)                                         
    Call for Papers  ( submission )
Abs_01 - Directly Reviewing the SemiDirect
Abs_02 - Cooperative of the Affiliates
Abs_03 - Media
Abs_04 - Analogue Station(s)
- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

  This is the most difficult communication to ever convey in my life time.
The audience carries more prerogatives than grains of sand of all beaches on Earth.

Unable to attend the Convention, please use on your behalf.
This is what I see lacking from The Mars Society's Education, Outreach, and Analogs.

The goal of these papers is to convey agreeable ideas to a willing audience, of things that are
"reasonably do-able".  (These are not “my way” but, the way, under the circumstances)

My mindset of preparing for, and going to the planet Mars, is with the same excitement,
fear, and anticipation as living the young boy's dreams.
Therefore, indulge my views with an open mind, innocence, and respect.

“…We Are Going To Mars To Colonize…”
The only hope in view of Extinction-Event Integrity (E2I)

These Papers cover subjects that can heighten success of The Society by accelerating interests in;
Education (Charter Schools)  --  Hobby Consortiums (Makerspaces)  --  Aerospace Affiliates (Outreach)  --
Mapping (ESRI / Analytical Graphics)  --  Communications (both Commercial & Amateur Radio)

The simplest and safest way to usher the success of humans on Mars, is to
have one woman and then, one man step foot onto that surface – in that order.
(that ought to clear up prerogatives and ego)

Apologizes for my lack of attendance, and impressive credentials.
If your “policy” restricts you from presenting this on your behalf,
then hand it over to Mike Stoltz for the next Mars Society Quarterly.
Or, to Shannon Rupert for possible improvements for the MDRS Station.
Regardless.... use this for the betterment of The Mars Society.
- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

Abstract 01 - Directly Reviewing the SemiDirect
1.On Orbit Assembly…2 Sections in Orbit …Joined for GO…..then GO. Please.
2.The 3rd Stage of each launching is precious, and not to be discarded, ever.
  This stage is NOT to be wasted….it is used as the gravity-counter-weight FOR THE RETURN TRIP
  (which was never mentioned).
3.The Parachute to slow the ERV/HAB – use it for something…. anything.
4.ANY disconnected Heat Shields – recover and use its components (useful for something)
5.Use Phobos for a “Parking Station” (at least, put the 3rd Stages there).
6.The Tether Cable – always know where that is… never lose it…ever.
7.(2) Space Trucks – Two permanent Tugs… one for the Moon, one for Mars.
  Regardless of the Hermes seen, from The Martian.
  In any emergency, one can be backup for the other (cost-effectively simple).
- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

Abstract 02 - Cooperative of Affiliates
It’s in the Title….……Cooperative,
In our bidding to achieve a place on mars, the combined effort of humanity has been plagued
with a cacophony of competitive, savvy, executive jargon, enforced by social media.

It is not beyond the reach of Corporations to host an Outreach Program for Off-World Possibilities.
A Marketing Team needs only "the Vision" of applying their product on mars to make their
company stand out as diversified leader of Industry.

The current trending of teaching “science & technology” in the school systems is just that, a trend.
I’ll be succinct and put this in a nutshell…..
“…the global education system would evolve if, and only if…
the workings of the Antikythera Mechanism were taught in all levels of all schools….”
( antikythera mechanism circa: 2200 years ago by Archimedes )

  This is a coined phrase to put marriage of Mars Society and a Nation Wide Consortium
of Hobbyists whose talents and resources are rapid, frugal, and unmatched by any R & D Affiliate,
for the sake of prototyping through…. The MakerSpace.
This arena covers all patrons – all ages, whose fervor is the mother of invention.

Currently, the American DARPA Administration is hosting a “Space Gambit” program.
Whose limits are to Private Industry and “Select” Hackerspaces.
A “Maker_Mars” program would be unlimited and involving more than tens of thousands.
- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

Abstract 03 - Media
“A Cacophony of Divergence” is a good description of the internet’s Social Media.
Current trends of social media dictates the popularity of commercial, private, and personal Business.
It can also deter progress when too much intellectualism is employed.

The speed of our Media is transacted at the rate of attention span.
In a nutshell – your plan can only be popular in direct proportion of the populous who can remember you.
Currently, most trends are seen through the eyes of a killer app, at the speed of blink.

Andy Warhol once said: “in the future, everyone on earth will have 15 minutes of fame”
Nowadays, even 15 seconds is too long.

This abstract addresses questions to ponder on, if for a few moments longer.
These are the questions to openly ask at your Convention:
- Would patrons like the Mars Society to feature weekly Podcasts or YouTube Reports?
- Can ALL MDRS/FMARS Crew Reports be on one Video Channel, and not scattered?
- Would The Mars Society entertain more exposure on the TMRO YouTube Channel?
- Can the MDRS Crews stick to English Language? Which is common on World Amateur Radio?
- MDRS Teams – Can 2 of the 6 be licensed Amateur radio Operators?
- Could there be a Mission Control that goes public in the tradition of Apollo?
- Can TMS PR instruct the news media to show the analogues as serious and not fun filled? (HBO)
- Is TED Talks more education, rather than just entertainment that’s forgotten? (Ben Bratton)
- Has SEDS, or even Mensa, placed foot forward to the leanest solutions?
- Will TANG Instant Breakfast Drink ever be used at the Analogues?
- Can each MDRS Crew physically compile a written Mission Report, instead of a Flickr account?
- Would you entertain a Helium Assisted UAV for Geodesic Operations?
- Involve MakerSpaces for “making” a 4 person Rover or, remote FPV Rovers?
- Can ALL Analogues on Earth communicate together with Radio?
- Will there be more MDRS/FMARS Medics who specialize in Remote Monitoring?
- Can the Olivine of the Martian Sand Dunes be used for 3D Print techniques?
- Will more Corporates’ invest increased Outreach Programmes to the Mars Society?
- Are there Food Companies who wish to test their products at the Analogues?
- Can MDRS Crew EVA Suits be fitted with Peltier Cells for Power Generation?
- Would SpaceX usher a Sample return Mission to fully test Mars Direct Hardware?   

Questions that can be presented to, your Staff or media, for answers.
These are just a few things that pop to mind, but are never spoken of.

I see hundreds of podcasts failing because they lack “consistence” or, “to be seen on a regular basis”
And then, there are YouTube videos that can be seen or downloaded at the desire of our viewers.

A podcast or vidcast “scheduled” on a weekly basis would be remembered longer.
- - - - - - - -

Abstract_04 - The Analogue Station(s)
Habitats & Communications
Imagine the excitement of citizens listening to daily or weekly broadcasts
from the Crew of the Mars Desert Research Station or Flash-Line, the same way we had
with the Apollo Missions.

In view of funding – the use of Amateur Radio can aid in reduced costs in order
for the Crews’ to get busy right now – on using the communications that are
vital right now, and not assumed later.

Analogue training - DOES NOT MEAN ISOLATION. "Train as if you mean it."
(this is not space camp - there are no “time outs” – because, one mistake ends a human life)
A Team of People on another Planet, are an extension from THIS Planet.
Therefore: communicate ……Therefore - be better than Mark Watney.
Convey your communications as if your life depends on it.
      (not a twitter blog perceived by our Snowflake Generation)

Rovers – UAVs
Would these Analogue Stations entertain the use of a Permanent Based Rover that
can actually use Methane as its Fuel and, heating of the MDRS, using LP Gas techniques.

Remote Piloted Rovers equipped with Ground Penetrating Radar for a 3D Tomographic Picture
of the surroundings.
Deployed for determining the integrity of the soils several hundred feet
beneath, which can also aid in determining integrity of Lava Tubes for Habitats.

Remote Telemetry
Every possible device that serves both survival and data gathering centers around the Habitat.
Communications for Telemetry and Line-of-Sight Comms can not and will not be underestimated.
These remote sensor devices are common place on Earth but little regarded for Analogue Stations.

Mars currently does not have a GPS System for immediate position reporting for Ground Crews.
On Earth, the Military uses the Enhanced Position Location Reporting System (EPLRS - Raytheon).
That system works quite well here on Earth – I’m certain it can work just as effectively on Mars.
Again, simple means & solutions without having to re-invent an acronym.

Tools of the Trade
This is where affiliation with Industry has been lacking and would improve
their "marketing stratagems" on a global effort rather than "vertical market leader of individuality".
- VoxelJet Company ( 3D Sand Printers. A perfect candidate for using the Martian Sand Dunes)
- GSSI ( Magnetometers to Deep Planetary Visuals... Lava Tubes?)
- UNAVCO.ORG  -  Interpreters of planetary dynamics.
- NAIF Cosmographia – Mission Planning Visualizer.
- Raytheon ( EPLRS System) and State of the Art Landing Guidance )
- AGI Satellite Toolkit – Situation Awareness / Orbit Determination.
- ESRI (Environmental Systems Research Institute) ArcGIS Mapping.
- Geometrics ( 3D Sub-Surface Geodesic Visualizing )
THERE ARE MANY MORE - It Simply Requires Your Imagination for Reaching Out.
- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

Our current political trends purport a cock-of-the-walk spectacle of a “technology circus”.
Lateral thunking - to the design of Satellites, Probes & Landers are clouded by administrative turmoil where,
by the time a probe arrives at Mars, a newer state-or-the-art technique has presented itself on our planet.
(  a Von Neumann Universal Constructor approach is not exercised enough  -  WORK SMARTER, NOT HARDER )

This includes the approach to “Cube Sats” and combining multi-functioned State-of-the-Art Series Rovers.
And thus, reduce the orbiting objects that would otherwise feed the equation of Kessler’s Syndrome.

If a MIRV Multi-head Missile is so cost-effectively clever then, can we use the same techniques to
deploy multiple cube-sized Sensors over a wide area of Mars to derive high  resolution results?

An Important Request….
The Documentary: The Mars Underground spelled out all the reasons and the definitive ways to get to Mars.
No other documentary has challenged this straight forward simplicity of the “Direct” or “SemiDirect” Plans
Please air this after every Opening Ceremony of the International Mars Society Convention. Please.
( It would relieve the pressure of insolent "Millennial Inquiries" amongst the social media )

Of course, everything has costs. And, MakerSpaces are clever with frugality.
Also, the use of Amateur Radio can not be said enough owing to the wide range of applications to
compliment missions. Every scrap of spectrum can be easily entertained.
These two arenas could evoke a wide curriculum of work groups…. thus: Maker_Mars.

Again, my apologizes for lack of attendance, and impressive credentials.
These are for your consideration
Doctor Zubrin  -  Take these papers as you will.

David A. Duca     (KA9JSV)

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#3 2017-09-02 10:41:42

From: Seattle, WA
Registered: 2011-11-17
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Re: 2017 Mars Society Convention

Anybody else going to the Convention?  I will be there, doing various activities such as coordination of the webcasting and videography efforts.

James Burk | Webmaster & IT Director | The Mars Society  |  +1 (206) 601-7143


#4 2017-09-02 11:16:21

From: Winnipeg, Canada
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Re: 2017 Mars Society Convention

Dave: did you submit to on or before June 30?


#5 2017-09-02 12:14:15

From: Seattle, WA
Registered: 2011-11-17
Posts: 148

Re: 2017 Mars Society Convention

Dave had sent this in Feb of 2016 for last years convention, but we were having an issue with the abstracts alias at the time and it bounced.  It has since been fixed.  Dave, did you ever resubmit?  I saw you had sent this to me & Zubrin in a word doc form a couple times.  I think you have to send it to the abstracts alias for it to be official.

James Burk | Webmaster & IT Director | The Mars Society  |  +1 (206) 601-7143


#6 2017-09-07 08:42:34

From: Oconto, WI usa
Registered: 2017-03-15
Posts: 92

Re: 2017 Mars Society Convention

Good Morning,
  Apologies for the delay... had domestics here.

I did not keep an exact record, recalling one was sent to:
Though, my wordiness might have been misconstrued, it could've been put on the bottom of the stack.
Sending to you and Dr. Zubrin was a means of 2 and 3 point integrity of getting the message through.

Please, all of you here reading this, pardon my non-collegiate style of verbiage.
Because I might lack the precise contextual connotation as expected, does not mean; casted out or dismissed.
Although, I do make a really good long list of questions, yeah?  ( lol )

At any rate and/or method, I hope some of the questions asked, might be actually asked at the convention.

Thank you James, and Robert Dyck. You've been most kind.


#7 2017-09-19 12:04:07

From: Seattle, WA
Registered: 2011-11-17
Posts: 148

Re: 2017 Mars Society Convention

Conference was amazing. 

We are posting videos to Youtube and photos to Flickr.  I am posting the Banquet video today.  it was the best one ever.  I posted my favorite panel (NASA's direction) yesterday.

A lucky few of us got to tour JPL on Monday after the conference.  Clean rooms.  Mission Control.  HOLOLENS VR with today's rover data.  Was amazing.  I have photos of this also on Flickr.  I also have video of everything but I haven't had time yet to review it.  We saw & heard a lot of cool stuff.  We were there for 5 hours.

Been super busy since I've been back.  Zubrin is doing a telecon tomorrow night to promote Bridenstine nomination support.  Also we are getting Marspedia going with with Moon Society & Mars Foundation.    Several chapters are being formed or re-formed.

Lots of cool stuff happening.

James Burk | Webmaster & IT Director | The Mars Society  |  +1 (206) 601-7143


#8 2017-09-19 17:41:02

From: New Hampshire
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Re: 2017 Mars Society Convention

The jpl images of all the probes sent to mars was fantastic to see on you visit.


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