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#1 2006-08-05 00:31:58

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Re: A novel method for energy needs on Mars

I have been thinking about ways that would allow astronauts on mars to produce/consume energy in an effective and efficient manner and I thought of this; If the part of the spacecraft that orbits mars has nuclear reactors onboard or solar panels, could this energy be converted into a microwave beams that could then be converted back into electricity on the surface.  This could also serve as a secondary/backup form of power given that it may not be as reliable as solar panels.  Granted, the orbiting spaceship would have to be in preferably, a geosynchronus orbit (aerosynchronus may work as well).  I have looked into the issues regarding the microwave transmission, and it seems as though the recieving end would have to be composed of a large areas of rectennas (is that correct?).  Is there any way that the beam could be confined to an area of several meters?


#2 2006-08-05 01:04:11

From: Biosphere 1
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Re: A novel method for energy needs on Mars

You can even make the rectennas out of the Martian soil ... … ar99_1.htm

Fan of Red Oasis


#3 2007-06-13 06:31:24

From: China
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Re: A novel method for energy needs on Mars

That's also a good idea for our daily energy problem. Better to test it first on earth. lol


#4 2007-06-14 09:00:45

From: Calgary Alberta Canada
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Re: A novel method for energy needs on Mars

Didn't you guys ever play SimCity??

It's a great idea until the microwave orbiter become unaligned and starts pounding the surface with high energy radiation.


#5 2007-09-23 07:21:23

From: Ohio
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Re: A novel method for energy needs on Mars

Here is an idea on how to use the hydrogen fuel cell engine as a stationary power supply. First: mount an engine block on a stationary surface. Next: attach a shaft  where the engine would connect to the drive shaft of the tranny. This shaft would then be connected to a generator (similiar to that found in dams) to create electricity. Thats is stage one. Stage two would have another device attached to the exhaust that would use the heat along with the build up of pressure in a pressure vessel to turn a vane that would be conneceted to another shaft that would be connected to a generator that would be use to create electricity. Two power sources from one engine.


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