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#26 2022-12-06 11:28:38

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Re: Volcanic activity on Mars - and its age

This article that Calliban posted is somewhat ambiguous as the to potential for geothermal energy. … ntle-plume
We also know that the insight landing area does not demonstrate much for water/ice.
It is a pity that the mole did not work but the nature of the soil will yield a machine made of dirt, I think.

But an area as large as the USA could have as much variability as the crust in the USA has.  Some of it is more and some of it less suitable for typical geothermal power.  And a little could be a lot for a Mars base/city.

I am moving my pointer on this to: "Index» Terraformation» Worlds, and World Engine type terraform stuff.", post #654.


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#27 2023-12-29 06:28:26

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Re: Volcanic activity on Mars - and its age

Mars is Surprisingly Volcanically Active … ly-active/


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