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#1 2002-08-18 17:39:18

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Re: Articles for FW, and general website contents

As I've said, I'd like a few original articles for the website so we can offer something new and interesting. Really, the topic for the articles is less important since the writers will have to be comfortable with it themselves and I have confidence in the regular New Mars contributors.

However, if you have any good ideas for articles, or if you want to write one yourself, please reply here.

About the website: It should be simple, and everything will be accessible from the front page. I imagine there'll be:

About First Words
About The Mars Society and New Mars
Submit an entry (this could be on the category or contents page though)
'Hall of Fame' with all the luminary entries (we'll put random ones from here on the header and footer of every page)

Anything I missed?

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