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#1 2004-01-26 16:08:08

From: Pittsburgh
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Re: Red Colony - Private sector to colonize/terraform Mar

Red, an old-time Mars colonization/terraforming advocacy website, is taking the next step.  In response to Bush's announcement that Mars is still decades away, Red Colony is reorganizing with the goal to get to Mars quicker, cheaper, and without government assitance.  From the website:

"Red Colony is an organization devoted to developing methods for colonizing and terraforming Mars entirely through private funding and corporate investment. We feel that a shortsighted Congress has limited NASA?s potential in recent years and has left it only to dream of a manned mission to Mars. Avoiding the ignorance of government officials and the wasteful spending governmental contractors so often bring, Red Colony is determined not just to get there, but to make it another home for humanity. We will educate the world about the benefits of the colonization and terraformation (creating another Earth) of Mars. By focusing on public outreach, we can develop more theories in these evolving fields and wake a sleeping world to Mars."

Red Colony offers articles, essays, short stories, and even novels about Mars.  From students, professors, and scientists alike, visitors have the chance to submit their ideas about colonization and terraforming.  "Their work is read by other enthusiasts and their ideas are discussed in detail. If an idea is generally accepted as valid it passes into ?The Plan,? a continually updated, revised, remodeled, and reshaped mission architecture. The Plan is not just written by one person. It is a living, breathing document disjointed and featureless. Only as time passes and more ideas are fed to it will it gain shape. Then the details will be worked out, the thousands of pages written, and the mission begun."

Click []here to find out how Red Colony differs from the Mars Society.


#2 2005-08-30 10:50:15

Registered: 2005-08-30
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Re: Red Colony - Private sector to colonize/terraform Mar

We have also launched a new action campaign called "MarsDrive" for those who want to actually do something and make a difference in getting humans to Mars. Check it out for yourself and I hope you find it helpful-
BTW, I'm a contributing member of the Mars Society in Australia if anyone wants to know big_smile

welcome to [url=][/url]


#3 2015-11-25 20:06:01

From: New Hampshire
Registered: 2004-07-22
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Re: Red Colony - Private sector to colonize/terraform Mar

Removed color artifact from first and only issue in the topic.

While the post does predate my joining newmars I did later find the Red colony site as well to post to but after its great crash it did not come back thanks to hackers....
The websites data is available but once made active starts causing issues as the hackers code is still embedded with in it.
The marsdrive poster Marsman can still access the data but the tools to fix it are not available. It would probably need hand coding to fix the issues at the sql layer....


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