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#1 2023-05-17 06:27:44

Registered: 2018-04-27
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Mars Papers Curated Collection

in 2023 Steve Stewart inquired about the procedure to post his work on settlement of Mars to the Mars Papers collection.

For whatever reason, this forum does not appear to contain a topic dedicated to reporting on the collection of 600 papers in the Mars Papers site.

I note that there no papers added to the site in 2022, but one was recently added in 2023.

With any luck (and a bit of editing) Steve Stewart's work may well appear in the collection some time this year.



#2 2023-05-17 06:36:43

Registered: 2018-04-27
Posts: 18,131

Re: Mars Papers Curated Collection

Index to the Mars Papers collection.

It appears (from a first scan) that most of the papers included in the collection were given at Mars Society conventions.

Here is a screen scrape of the table of index terms:

Currently the MarsPapers archive contains over 600 documents. Each document is categorized by one of the following keywords:

Keyword List of Categories for Archive    Shortname Label

Mars in History, the Arts, and Fiction                         MarsArts
Political Action                                                          Politics
Education and Public Outreach                                  Outreach
Private Funding and Commercial Investment          Commercial
Robotic Exploration                                                  Robotics
Human Exploration                                                  Exploration
Human Settlement                                                  Settlement
Science and the Search for Life                                   Life
Terraforming                                                                   Terraforming
Utilizing Martian Resources                                            MarsResources
Human Factors and Crew Considerations                    CrewFactors
Medicine                                                                            Medicine
Law and Society                                                            Law
Computer and Communications Infrastructure            CommTech
Philosophical, Ethical, and Societal Implications    Society
Mars Mission Planning and Engineering                    MissionEngring
Propulsion and Power Systems                                    Power/Propulsion
Analog Mars Research and Research Stations    AnalogStations
Mission Support                                                            MissionSupport
Mars Society Organization and Processes            MarsSocOrg

Note: the keyword column lines up in preview, but it may be out of alignment when rendered by your browser.



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