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Self-made Escalators, Pipes, Conveyor belts, Moving walkways.

Autonomous Manufacturing concept but with AI drones building more AI drones and building walk ways and escalator.

Bulldozers for Mars or the Moon can be made from lighter materials not heavy steels on Earth. Small excavators could multi task and can start building plant and animal farms, have a drill, a small blade a 3-d printer part. The conveyer belts are soon assembled to shift all that resource poor source material and they can move waters or other needed ores or minerals around the robot colony. The weight of each item will be a huge issue and you need  payload delivery system to bring nuclear power the surface of Mars or to a hidden cave inside the Moon. Your Robot workers might unfold like Origami or a Michael Bay Transformers Cartoon. There could be chemical hazards, gas explosion and a system designed to radiate heat via IR radiation, NASA has been developing a mining robot to collect soil, or regolith, on the moon or Mars so it can be processed into rocket fuel, perhaps we need many of these robots just as a bee hive or ant colony need their workers. If you are building a Farm for human stay on the Moon or Mars a Gateway station seems a distraction. A system might need a radioisotope heater to survive over a lunar night, the Sun will cook stuff on the Moon blast a panel's radiating ability by overwhelming it. Mars might have its own problems like communication distance or 'Mars Dust' issues on Solar Panel.

Some vids on where Robots can go

Handle Robot Reimagined for Logistics - Boston Dynamics

Meet Atlas, the Boston Dynamics robot that can now do construction work

This original Escalator factory could be first manufactured inside a Lava-tube and later expanded to other domes or colony, the Belt system, the conveyor system 'consists of two or more pulleys (sometimes referred to as drums), with an endless loop of carrying medium' … lt/results
On Earth the check weigher is an automatic or machine manual operated system for checking the weight of package, in our sports and exercise routines the treadmill is a device used for walking, running, or climbing.

Robots could build our running machines our Conveyor Belt or Escalators,the Robots can get Nuclear power, on Earth they are already making other machines and other robots, the digger or excavator might multi task and help build your escalator or factory, or the factory and escalator might build itself. In manufacturing computer parts larger overall machines carry out specific programmed steps to create a PCB assembly. Surface-mount technology (SMT) component or pick-and-place machines or P&Ps, are robotic machines which are used to place surface-mount devices (SMDs) onto a printed circuit board (PCB) your computer or car is made by robots on an assembly line so why not have production of Escalator and Walkway. Even tually the humans or Cyrbogs will arrive to a pre-made colony read to work either overground or a pre made manufacturing village inside a Lava-Tube. Collection of resources, Ores, Ices, using Food Farms or Biofuel or Solar Farms could be a sizable distance from each other. It is possible that human or cyborg might live separate from the Farms and Mines and Chemical Plants. The Mars soil or Mars dust is different to Lunar regolith or Moon dust,  concretions, drift, dust, rocky fragments, and sands. Perchlorates were detected in martian soil at the level of perhaps a mixture of  K2O Potassium Oxide, Ca(ClO4)2 and 40% Mg(ClO4), Na2O Sodium Oxide, Phosphorus Pentoxide, TiO2 Titanium Dioxide,  iron oxide-rich dust known as regolith, water and methane resources. On the Moon the Dust is said to be a hazzard, NASA ranked "dust" as the number one challenge on Mars there is an atmosphere to protect from small impacts and a more livable world to work with. Locally made Glass and Biofuel, Algae and Grass and Trees can be used in production, the Concrete Extractors on regolith rich deposits. Manufacturing and processing and chemical transport can move each product into its own location, farm animals might be moved around before humans arrive, move other product for example waste for fertilizer.  On our planet Earth the escalator is a moving staircase which carries people between floors of a building or structure on the Moon and Mars or Mercury or outer worlds like Titan or Europa it could move Rovers and Cyborg creatures. The moving walkway or the autowalk, moving pavement, travolator is used in our airports. These systems can be multiple and in parallel or designed in "Crisscross" layouts. The Nuclear power station on the Moon or Mars can deliver energy to these transit systems. The French ave looked at human safety the walkway requires Earth human riders to have one hand free to hold the handrail, those carrying bags, shopping. … itre-.html
Helical escalators have been at Holloway Road tube station London since 1906. … Xlocation=

It is possible you would also be ready with handy-bots to fix your walkway from wear and tear or a Cyborg robot machine on site for an escalator being repaired.

'Reconfigurable and Self-Assembling Robots - The Way of the Future' … ts-the-way

'Concepts for 3D Printing-Based Self-Replicating Robot Command and Coordination Techniques'

Robot Swarms … ms/276122/

MIT’s self-assembling robots are making moves, literally … literally/

Here are some news items on 3d printing and Metal Additive Manufacturing … on-206239/
, … 41020194/#!
, … andwiches/
, … facturers/
, … interview/

Maybe first a smaller version of this but then a larger version is made. Bucket-wheel excavator or BWE a large heavy equipment machine used in surface mining … /main.htm#

The Robotic Factory itself that assembles other Robots to make Escalators might be built by another Robot Building Machine 3-D printing the entire factory before the human arrives.

The Humanoids or Rovers themselves might communicate with each other before they step onto a Walkway like AI self driving Artifical Intelligence cars and obey some kind of air-land traffic management system, the Moon offers one advantage quick direct communication with planet Earth a pre assembled space village without having a human land.

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