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#1 2022-11-16 08:40:27

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Grypd Postings

Grypd is Member 873 from 2004 ...

His most recent post is:

Grypd wrote:

[Electrolysis on mars, earth, moon all have the issue of power constant use among other issues.]

That is not necessarily true as one of the reasons for going to the poles on the Moon is those peaks of eternal light and we can make infrastructure light so we can get more light and in that way solar power.

One of the options we can have is the use of solar electric tugs these tugs using magnetism for all intents could be a slow but reliable way of being able to bring fuel probabily in the form of tanks of methane or ammonia from low to high earth orbit but when mixed with oxygen extracted from the moon able to power missions further into space even to fueling a potential Mars to Earth cycler

This is the first time I have seen the suggestion of sourcing Oxygen on the Moon, and leaving the Hydrogen there.

The Hydrogen left on the Moon might be useful for industrial processes, so I'm hoping NewMars members with a background in chemistry will take up the question.

A related question is whether Hydrogen might be a useful propellant for an ion drive.



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