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#1 2022-09-24 14:04:59

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China Callisto Orbiter

The Moon or world is of Astrobiological interest and it is speculated that there could be life in Callisto's subsurface ocean

Long March 5 rocket and will use a Venus flyby and two Earth flybys to fling the spacecraft on a trajectory for the outer solar system.

The mission referred by media as name 'Tianwen 4' in a white paper titled 'China's Space Program 2021 Perspective,' released early this year, the country outlined its plans for spaceflight and exploration. Wang Qiong of Chinese Lunar Exploration said CNSA was earlier considering a lander as part of the Callisto-focused mission profile, but Wang says that the latest concept includes an orbiter but no lander, "Tianwen," named for the poem "Heavenly Questions" attributed to the ancient Chinese poet Qu Yuan born around 2,300 years ago, he considered to be the first patriotic poet to compose romantic poems in Chinese history.

More CO2 and Water?

The surface pressure (7.5 pbar) corresponds to the vapor pressure of CO, ice at 75 K ( I @ , prompting speculation that the
atmosphere may be buffered by deposits of CO, ice in cold, permanently shadowed regions.
While this is plausible, there are other mechanisms that can influence the CO, concentration. The concentration of CO, in water ice and the sublimation rate of H,O may limit effusion of CO,
from the surface. … 9-0186.pdf

A Pair of Spacecraft one arrives at Jupiter while another a gravity assist to head for a flyby of Uranus.  The Uranus Neptune mission concept was also being developed as a potential large strategic science mission for NASA, the Moons Puck, Miranda, Ariel, Umbriel, Titania, and Oberon have been of interest since Voyager. Surface pressure is estimated to be 7.5 picobar (0.75 μPa) and particle density 4 × 108 cm−3 such a thin atmosphere would be lost in only about 4 days by atmosphere escape it must be constantly replenished, the ancient surface of Callisto is one of the most heavily cratered in the Solar System. NASA conducted a conceptual study called Human Outer Planets Exploration (HOPE) regarding the future human exploration of the outer Solar System. The target chosen to consider in detail was Callisto.
PDF … bethke.pdf
NASA reported that a crewed mission to Callisto might be possible in the 2040s

Adequate radiation and cold temperature protection enable up to 15 3-hour excursions during a 30-day Callisto surface stay

'Brayton nuclear reactor
- Power system can deliver 400 kWe power at a mass of 30kg/kWe

'What tasks will need to be completed on Callisto’s surface?'

Why Look at A Crewed Mission Beyond Mars?

Callisto is  99% the diameter of the planet Mercury, Callisto is the second-largest moon of Jupiter, after Ganymede. It is the third-largest moon in the Solar System after Ganymede and Saturn's largest moon Titan. On Callisto they have scanned water ice, carbon dioxide, silicates, and organic compounds. Callisto is colonized in the 1950 short story "U-Turn" by Eric Frank Russell the 1970s books Callisto series by Linwood Carter, there were plans for an Xbox PlayStation Sci-Fi horror video game 'The Callisto Protocol' as another work of entertainment fiction.

China is more free today or is it still communist with gulags? Perhaps the first city there will be New-Beijing or people can work in the mines

Several close flybys of Callisto are also planned by upcoming NASA and ESA missions.

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#2 2022-10-10 05:00:48

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Re: China Callisto Orbiter

China Plans a 2-in-1 Mission to Jupiter and Uranus … 1849575036
For the Tianwen-4 mission, two spacecraft will attempt to launch aboard the same rocket and then embark on separate trips to the outer solar system.

Gan De - mission to Callisto

Some reports say they might study the possibility of a Mission to Include Callisto Landing

, … 20179.html
, … tation.pdf

The white paper published in late 2016 stated that China will “conduct further studies and key technological research on the bringing back of samples from Mars, asteroid exploration, exploration of the Jupiter system and planet fly-by exploration.” … 159496.htm
, … turn-plans
, … -missions/


#3 2022-10-18 06:27:04

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Re: China Callisto Orbiter

Astronomers have a new theory for why Uranus spins on its side: The ice giant once had a large moon that migrated outward, which slowly flipped Uranus sideways. … n-its-side

China will launch two spacecraft to Jupiter and Uranus to study the origins of the solar system … 74027.html


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