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#1 2021-09-03 18:39:07

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Open minds have fresh thoughts...

When we look at some of the areas identified by Joe White as  potential building structures on Mars, it's worth reminding ourselves what 2000 year old structures on Earth look like.

Here's a video on  structures dating back to the time of Alexander the Great in central Asia:

Imagine what the structure at 00:41 would loook like after 10,000 years or 50,000 years or 500,000.

Then think back to some of the structures dismissed as "butes".

Likewise at 12:58.  The structures atop the mountain really do remind me of the "city" on Mt Sharp identified by Joe White and others:

(Freeze the video on 00:18 for a look at what Joe White calls "The Forbidden City")

I really think we need to keep an open mind on all these anomalous finds. Many of these locations seem to be debris fields rather than natural rock fields. And I think there are way too many weird "rocks" that suggest machinery, living animals, statues and so on.

I accept we can't be sure either way until we get there and examine some of these places close up. But I think enough has been found for

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