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#26 2021-10-05 10:36:16

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Re: Capitalism

For Louis re #23

I like your concept a ** lot ** better than the authoritarian, brutal regime designed by kbd512.

Please develop it further, and (if you are so inspired), please see if you can adapt that concept to work on Earth in an enlightened society.

The US is most certainly NOT an enlightened society in the present era.

It would take a small (?large?) miracle to allow your idea to establish itself in the US.

However, the basic principle that I ** think ** your post suggests is the proposition that ** every ** human has potential to be an Einstein, or any of the notable figures from human history who have made substantial contributions in their life times.

Thus, every human born into human society (anywhere on Earth) should be registered with a global agency responsible for insuring that each such child is provided all the material needs, and all the psychological support needed to maximize their individual chances for success.

Your model is set in Mars.  How would it work there?



#27 2021-10-05 13:51:19

Registered: 2018-04-27
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Re: Capitalism

For kbd512 re Authoritarian Regime

After thinking about your proposal for a while, I've come to the realization that scarcity is a driving force for authoritarian rule.

Freedom is not possible when there is not enough to go around.

A Mars settlement is more than likely to be subject to scarcity, and possibly of many kinds.

Your concept of a society in which everyone (or nearly everyone) is a member of a police force to regulate behavior may very well be the right answer for Mars.

The vision of Louis (which I find more appealing) could only work if the settlement is designed from the outset to have enough for everyone, and ** more ** than enough for everyone.

So, in that way of looking at things, each vision has an important place for planning.



#28 2021-10-05 18:39:03

From: UK
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Re: Capitalism

You don't like inheritance? First you would have to invent a foolproof system for preventing mothers and fathers passing wealth to their children! Not even the most resolute Communist societies have yet found a way of stopping that, though the advent of Digital ID (promoted by the mad WEF-Davos crowd and supported by all the mules around the world saying "Build Back Better")  may make it easier.

You can't stop people passing on wealth and opportunity to their can only provide wealth and opportunity for those who don't get it from their parents.

"All of the people who contributed the most to humanity started life with nothing or very little" - that's just pious PC BS. Most inventors. entrepreneurs, scientists, artists and intellectuals were already bourgeois when they got started. There are very few big contributors who started off dirt poor, certainly until before the end of WW2 after which society opened up a lot.  But it's still true that the people making this world mostly come from bourgeois backgrounds.

kbd512 wrote:


I propose an economic system whereby every able bodied person must work for what they have in life, irrespective of what mommy and daddy achieved during their lives, because human civilization is built by laying brick after brick, continuously, not by spending most of our time enjoying what our ancestors endowed us with.  You learn to appreciate what you work for, not what you've been given, because no effort is expended to merely receive a gift from your ancestors.  We should show gratitude for what our ancestors have endowed us with, but we should never believe that what we have collectively achieved is sufficient.

All of the people who contributed the most to humanity started life with nothing or very little, in comparison to what they achieved.  As such, there must be something to "being left wanting for a better tomorrow".  In the future, should human children want for food or clean water or medical care or suitable shelter?  I think not, but neither should they be permitted to go through life without contributing at least as much as their ancestors did, should they wish to continue to enjoy the lifestyle they've grown accustomed to.  That is not the way to assure that humanity continues to grow and improve.

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#29 2021-10-05 18:45:21

From: New Hampshire
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Re: Capitalism

Inheritance? That is what the money under the mattress is for.....

The real issue is the wealthy just keeps getting richer and the working dog gets even less for the value of work.


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