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#1826 2024-04-15 16:53:50

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Re: Starship is Go...

Nasa has learned its lesson of having its eggs all in one basket I would hope as the commercial industry has given similar types of lift even if pricing is more for the launcher purpose that its needing.


#1827 2024-05-14 10:56:40

GW Johnson
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Re: Starship is Go...

From AIAA’s “Daily Launch” for 5-14-2024:

SpaceX Starship's next launch 'probably 3 to 5 weeks' away, Elon Musk says

We're likely still a month or so away from the next launch of SpaceX's Starship megarocket. That was the timeline Elon Musk offered in a post on X over the weekend, saying Starship's next test flight is "probably 3 to 5 weeks" away. "Objective is for the ship to get past max heating, or at least further than last time," the billionaire entrepreneur added.

My take:

Hopefully,  the FAA permit is not a problem,  or else the “3-5 weeks” will need to be multiplied by the ratio of real time to Musk time.  In the past,  that has been factor 3,   or even more,  depending upon whether the regulators get PO’d by prior permit violations.

Clearly,  the loss of attitude control going into entry on the last test flight (that caused vehicle breakup during entry) is the real problem they have been trying to solve!  The wording in the quote suggests that breakup on that last flight occurred before even reaching peak heating,  which precedes peak deceleration.  All of that took place at near-orbital speeds,  because it is the deceleration pulse where the speed drops sharply,  and that occurs near the end of the process.


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