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#26 2019-10-28 20:01:03

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Re: Earth bacteria could thrive in briny water on Mars

Ity may be hard to believe but Some spots on Earth are too hostile for life but I am thinking that if mars did get a start on life that its just hiding...


There’s life on polar ice sheets, in scalding hot springs, and kilometers underground. But in hot briny lakes in Africa’s Rift Valley and the cold, dry soil of Antarctica’s Shackleton Glacier Valley, life reaches its limits. In both places, teams of researchers have pinpointed conditions too hostile for even the toughest microbes.

In the Rift Valley lakes, in Ethiopia, volcanic gases venting from below acidify the water, which is also rich in salts from brines created by the evaporation of ancient and modern bodies of water. Add the heating effect of the volcanic activity, and the lakes represent an environment more extreme than any found in Yellowstone National Park or even in the Atacama Desert.


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