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#26 2021-08-22 10:50:36

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Re: Make a Mars Law - it's time to get serious...

For Mars_B4_Moon .... the Universe is big enough for everyone who does NOT want to live with others to go off to live by themselves.

The difficulty we seem to be having on Earth is the desire of some to control the lives of others.

The current example is the Taliban arriving in Afghanistan after years in exile, wanting to impose their beliefs and practices on others.

I think the issue at hand is that (as nearly as I can tell) the Taliban cannot and will not tolerate the existence, let alone the presence, of anyone who does not agree completely with their point of view.

Such persons need a planet of their own.  The Universe is large enough. 



#27 2022-04-30 05:45:27

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Re: Make a Mars Law - it's time to get serious...

Royal Canadian Mounties on Mars?

Crimes on the moon could soon be added to Canada's Criminal Code … -1.6432854


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