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#51 2003-11-11 16:33:31

From: barrow ak
Registered: 2003-11-03
Posts: 134

Re: New research paper says - Mars life unlikely


What of the possiblity that earth seeded life on mars?  I hear nothing but the possiblity that mars seeded life on earth.


how about both of em seeded from comets?  this is mostly just a hunch, but i think the galaxy, if not the universe, is probably permiated with microbial life.  i think that if mars was ever wet & warm for at least a little while, i think we will find that microbes were able to establish a foothold there-- in keeping with the article that started this thread, they may have been brought there by the same bombardment that made it wet & warm.  for this reason i'm keenly interested in comet missions & finding out their composition down to the minutest detail.  i believe we will find that comets (and by extension probably the interstellar medium) are carriers of space-adapted microbes.  it has been pointed out that we already have these space-adapted microbes here on earth (e.g., radiodurans).  why would these critters have evolved traits like this on a planet that doesn't require these traits?  because they didn't originate here.

here's a link to a story that's probably old hat by now but i still think is tantalizing: … obe.claim/

as with any scientific finding, it's not without controversy & detractors.  time-- and some comet missions! will tell who's right.[/color:post_uid0]

You can stand on a mountaintop with your mouth open for a very long time before a roast duck flies into it.  -Chinese Proverb


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