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#251 2019-03-17 15:48:11

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Re: Opportunity & Spirit **8** - ...More...

The durability of Aluminum wheels for ground vehicles could be greatly improved by using Aluminum CMC's (Ceramic Metal Matrix Composites).  These alloys uniformly mix various loadings of Alumina Oxide nanoparticles with the Aluminum metal instead of Copper or Nickel or other alloying metals.  The hardness of the material, prior to any sort of heat treatment, is such that carbide or diamond tipped cutting tools and slower feed rates are require for machining.  The manufacturer doesn't use any heat treatments, as that's a selling point of the material- no heat treatment required to achieve mechanical properties identical to 2xxx / 6xxx / 7xxx alloys, apart from hardness and greatly improved strength at elevated temperatures.  They have material variants for forging, casting, and welding.  The cost of the material is approximately the same as 316 Stainless Steel.  It's more expensive than regular 2024 or 6061, but less expensive than Titanium alloys and a lot lighter.


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