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#226 2024-05-26 08:36:04

From: New Hampshire
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Re: Thermal Energy Storage

Here is another brick Energy-smart bricks keep waste out of landfill


make bricks with a minimum of 15% waste glass and 20% combusted solid waste (ash), as substitutes for clay.

More information: Yuecheng Xin et al, Utilizing rejected contaminants from the paper recycling process in fired clay brick production, Construction and Building Materials (2023).

Yuecheng Xin et al, Energy efficiency of waste reformed fired clay bricks-from manufacturing to post application, Energy (2023).

Yuecheng Xin et al, A Viable Solution for Industrial Waste Ash: Recycling in Fired Clay Bricks, Journal of Materials in Civil Engineering (2023).

Yuecheng Xin et al, Transformation of waste-contaminated glass dust in sustainable fired clay bricks, Case Studies in Construction Materials (2022).


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