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#1 Re: Human missions » Gcnr, i have private space colonization cracked! » 2006-04-12 00:54:56

ok, which asteroid would you pick and exactly how would you do it?

doh, wrong site

#2 Re: Space Policy » Chinese Space Program? - What if they get there first » 2006-04-10 00:50:48

Expect to see Mormons, Jehova's Witnesses, Muslim Sects, and Othadox Jews to be the first groups to establish thriving colonies.

um, that made me laugh. Mormons have got it too good here on Earth and space exploration violates some of their beliefs. A lot of the shuttle's problems stem directly from one state in the union. Pork barrel politics or sabotage. both same to me.

In any case, govt and corporations are the only ones going anywhere for a while. i could see, some other organizations maybe going for a generation ship like with some kind of nuke engine.
In that situation, I could see maybe Pakistan ignore world disapproval to develop and engine on the cheap.

Chinese build a new nuke power plant every six months. I keep having this vision of them sending up heavy lifters with a orion drive that kicks in at whatever they think is a safe distance full of poor people ready to colonize mars. over and over again until one them doesn't blow up.

then they will send a few hundred of them to mars and then they will try an experimental lander over and over until one them doesn't burn out or get torn to pieces. then they will send a few hundred people down to mars and establish a colony with their generation ships parked in orbit. all the time more people will be arriving until eventually they have enough generation ships to send every direction.
moons of jupiter. tau ceti. wherever. they will declare chinese sovereignty wherever they go.

the chinese government won't care about a few lost lives in the process not if they can spread through the solar system, the universe. they will say the people that died made a noble sacrifice for the greater good.

#3 Re: Human missions » One man one way suicide mission... » 2006-02-10 22:39:04

you could bring a squigie and rag and charge nasa to wipe the dust off the rovers then   use them for live broadcasts from the red planet.

i think syndication rights for the 'reality tv' show of life on mars would more than pay for the costs of maintaining a 2 person retirement mission. especially if we put GNCrevenger and Robert Dyke together in the same habitat. That kind of stuff sells! it made Oprah rich.

It might even pay enough for follow up missions with supplies and more colonists. hmm, rent out a location for "survivor: the red planet".

edit: i would be so homicidal if they did this to me

#4 Re: Human missions » Legit Private efforts » 2006-02-08 18:45:10

I was wondering what if any organizations that are pursuing private human space flight agendas are anything more than a web page. I would really like to invest, donate, or contribute to a real effort but i am severely unimpressed with what google turns up.

#5 Re: Human missions » Moon Lander Again? » 2006-02-07 21:25:32

so, how much would cost?

1. dust off some apollo rockets
2. build another moon lander
3. run some experiments
4. check that box on the checklist and go to mars

#6 Re: Martian Politics and Economy » Commensalism » 2006-02-07 20:54:11

as most laws of any government are about rights to use of resources, i thought perhaps this article would have relevance to space.

perhaps, the thing i wish most to avoid is a sort of 'wild west' scenario where the people with the least morals take what they want from the ones who did not come properly armed to defend themselves.

#7 Re: Martian Politics and Economy » Should God be Exported to Mars? » 2006-02-07 20:39:27

A governing should never endorse any belief system ever.

To do so is to abdicate some of its power.

The separation of Church and State is vital to any form of government that wishes not to arbitarilary alienate some of its citizens or its allies.

#8 Re: Interplanetary transportation » Thermal Protection » 2005-09-11 06:10:10

to cross fertilize a bit on the subject, i include the slashdot comments … 160&tid=14

or get the info straight from horses mouth

#10 Re: Meta New Mars » New Message Board Software » 2005-08-02 19:19:52

have you considered adding the arcade from

could put in space and mars themed games.

#11 Re: Human missions » Privatized Human Missions » 2005-08-01 21:53:09

and i was hoping that i could just put one of these together.

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