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#26 2021-04-27 17:42:08

From: New Hampshire
Registered: 2004-07-22
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Re: HowTo Write FluxBB Commands

This particular forum software does not allow copy a post to another topic so the work around is to do a quote of the post and select all of the text that appears in the box and do a copy.
The use the browsers back arrow to return to the topic area that you want to select a topic to make the copied post appear in.
Make the selection and in the reply post box select the box and do a past of what is in the copy buffer into the post reply and hit submit if thats all you are planning on doing.
All posts can be copied this way from any topic by any user.

To make it clearer for the sidebar topic the user that made the post in able to copy there own copy to the new topic in the order that they appear in and it will appear as thou they just made the post. Once that person as done that they can delete there own post from the original location..

To moderate a topic as well has issues for splitting out posts as we do not have the ability to move them aka merge them into an existing topic as they can only be move to a fresh topic.... Also moderators can not move admin posts....

example repost from settlement for structuring a paper from a master topic that has a companion for the owner of the original to only post in and all other users to make comments on the master in the companion topic as to what might need to be addressed.

tahanson43206 wrote:

For Oldfart1939 and SpaceNut (in particular) and all are welcome to comment and contribute...

Overnight a concept of how Oldfart1939 might develop his topic gelled in my mind ...

I've had the honor of participating in editing of a published book on the History and Philosophy of Science.   It is possible that the topic Oldfart1939 created can become a full fledged article in a print magazine such as Popular Mechanics.  My personal preference for consideration is the Science Fact article in Analog Science Fact and Fiction.  I've received encouragement from a member of the staff there to offer a science fact article for their consideration.

For Oldfart1939 .... if you are interested in this concept, we could (administrators, moderators and you) collaborate to build up your primary topic paragraph by paragraph until it is suitable to be submitted.  In this scenario, if everyone agrees, you would have a "staff" of 15 highly interested and motivated folks from around the world to help you craft an article that would past muster with Trevor Quachri, Editor.

The tried and true mantra for writing/composing a speech is to "Tell 'em what your going to tell them"  "Tell 'em"  "Tell them what you told them"

It is certain that you have written academic papers in your career, so you know more about this than I do, but I am highly motivated to learn a bit more about the art than I do now (or maybe a lot more).



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