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#101 2019-09-17 14:42:23

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Re: Large scale colonization ship

There's only one way the question can be resolved. Some scientifically trained people go there and identify it! That mean geologists, chemists, mineralogists, biologists.
There is no chance of either planet being pristine as we have been swapping rocks for 4 billion years (applies to all major inner solar system bodies), so the planetary protection lobby must have a different agenda that they aren't  talking about.


#102 2019-09-17 16:43:07

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Re: Large scale colonization ship

We have already carriered with each probe life that did not die from being processed so lets move on as there is nothing to see here.

Since Nasa is going to the moon we will be probabvly 15yr to 20 before they are serious to going to mars.

Space x BFR while it could be a decade I wouls not think that they will try all that much sooner as there is no other paying customer for going any where other than LEO and the moon at this time....


#103 2019-09-29 13:48:26

From: Winnipeg, Canada
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Re: Large scale colonization ship

I mentioned the window for "economy cabins" on the outside hull would have a window, and that would could be the TV. I said this because I repair laptop computers, I have taken apart an LCD display. It's a very thin transparent glass over a flat panel back light. The Liquid Crystal Display works with a layer of glass polarized in one direction, and a pixel is formed by an AC current through a small liquid pocket causing the liquid to become polarized 90° to the glass. With 2 filters polarized 90° to each other, they block light becoming black. Obviously they have red, green, and blue pixels. The point is when the LCD is removed from the back light, it's actually as transparent as glass and very thin. Actually too thin, it's easy to break. The display is taped to the back light, and the back light provides structural support.

So could we design a TV to be transparent when turned off? Here's a transparent TV that can be purchased. It's intended for store windows with advertising on the TV and merchandise displayed behind the TV. This video shows an enthusiast trying to game on it. (Click image for YouTube video.)

You can install "electronic tint window" behind it. This window is a big LCD that blocks light. With the window behind the TV blocked, you get a clear TV picture.


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