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#26 2020-01-09 18:28:52

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Re: Greenhouse Architecture

RobertDyck wrote:

We can use PCTFE film for a greenhouse transported from Earth, such as part of a Mars Direct hab. But for a permanent settlement, we would use in-situ materials. The best greenhouse window material would be glass, made from white sand, soda, and lime. But it would be tempered to make it stronger and scratch resistant. Tempered glass is harder than sand grains of a dust storm, so won't craze. Greenhouse windows would be double pane, with each pane strong enough to hold in air pressure of the greenhouse. The gap would be pressurized more than Mars ambient, but less than greenhouse interior, so the gap could be monitored to detect a leak in either pane. The gap would be filled with argon gas to reduce heat loss. And the spectrally selective coating would be on the side of the glass inside the gap, so it won't scratch off from wear, either from outside or inside the greenhouse.

I've seen styrofoam placed under a basement floor. If the greenhouse has a concrete floor at grade level, you could place styrofoam beneath that. Could we use concrete? Can it be made pressure tight? Styrofoam can hold a lot of weight; limited, but with the weight of the floor spread out, it can survive. Foam bubbles at Mars ambient, because it's outside. So that's laboratory vacuum.

An inflated greenhouse for Mars Direct... would we use bubble wrap to insulate the floor? With firm plastic mesh flooring as a walking surface? Would we form the bubbles of the bubble wrap on-site on Mars using argon gas harvested from Mars atmosphere?

Of course these are things which will make up the Mars first crew greenhouse in which we will use the Greenhouse as life support and food trying to see if Agriculture Study Mars Pure CO2 Greenhouse


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