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#576 2008-05-16 06:23:49

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Re: Ares I (CLV) - status

Program   briefing - 15 May 2008 - audio 61 mins

Briefing participants:

- Jeff Hanley, manager, Constellation Program, NASA's Johnson Space Center, Houston
- Mark Geyer, manager, Orion Project, NASA's Johnson Space Center
- Steve Cook, manager, Ares Projects, NASA's Marshall Space Flight Center, Huntsville, Ala.

o Reaching end of the formulation phase
o Finishing formulation for Orion and Ares I by summer 2008 and program approval review by end of 2008
o Improved confidence in March 2015 date of Initial Operational Capability for Orion/Ares I
o Excellent prime contractor (ATK, P&W, Lockheed Martin) performance
o KSC preparing for Ares I-X, hardware CDR June 2008
o Ares I-X main risk to launch date is availability of mobile launch platform (max slip 6 weeks)
o Construction continues at pad 39B and VAB
o USA will process Ares I-X stack
o Internal first flight date is Sep 2013 - unchanged - no impact due to slippage
o Biggest challenge is funding
o Ares I-X test will validate dynamics models, trajectory and flight controls; also prove lean methods for manufacturing and operations
o Cx budget can manage 6 months of continuing resolution from Congress

Ares I
o Ares I vehicle stack PDR starts 14 July to be complete 10 September 2008
o 70% wind tunnel testing complete (5000 hours)
o First stage now in PDR to be complete 5 June 2008
o First drogue parachute tests in July 2008
o First inert 5 segment cast complete for ground vibration tests
o Nozzle tests complete
o First static test of 5 segment motor April 2009
o J-2X starting CDR component reviews, full engine CDR in November
o Testing J-2X gas generator
o Started production of powerpack #2 (J-2X)
o Upper stage PDR starting in June 2008, all subsystems PDRs complete
o Acceptance testing large scale robotic weld tools
o Wide panel structural tests starting July 2008
o Thrust Oscillation issue in work - design and tests - to be ready for Ares I stack review

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#577 2008-05-16 09:33:42

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Re: Ares I (CLV) - status

The Ares 1X test flight will make us of a modified four-segment shuttle booster containg a mock-up of the fifth segment, a dummy second stage, Orion spacecraft and a launch abort system.

The test is slated to cost $320 million and was schedueled for launch from Kennedy Space Center on April 15, 2009 but since the launch of Atlantis to fix the Hubble has been delayed to Oct. 3 from Aug. 28, this will push back the test flight into late next May, 2009.

The suborbital mission is largely a test of the rocket's first-stage flight control system. Officials say it must be launched by October 2009 to keep NASA on track for the first piloted Orion flight in March 2015.

The Ares 1X test flight will be the first of four to be carried out under a $1.8 billion contract to design, develop and test the moon rocket's first stage: a five-segment shuttle-derived solid rocket booster.

With the need for a safety shuttle waiting on the other launch pad for the Hubble mission to take place.  NASA was to have Endeavour on pad 39B ready for a rapid-response rescue mission if Atlantis was in a seriously damaged condition after blasts off from the nearby pad 39A.

Delays in shuttle external tank production forced NASA to push back the Hubble mission. Tanks equipped with all post-Columbia safety modifications are taking longer to produce.

Other flights impacted as well is a mission to haul up the station the last set of U.S. solar arrays. This was to launch in Dec. 4 but that mission ultimately is expected to be delayed to February as well.


#578 2012-01-24 20:04:24

From: New Hampshire
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Re: Ares I (CLV) - status

Hard to believe the time warp that has happened by the website going south but we are back and here is an update on what used to be constellation.....

ATK has still gone forth with the work need to make this rocket possible even thou funding really was taken away so long ago...

ATK Completes Third Space Act Agreement Milestone for Liberty under NASA's Commercial Crew Program

ATK's Liberty Launch System Designed to Provide Safe, Reliable Crew Transportation to the ISS

Liberty program successfully held its Launch System Initial Systems Design (ISD) Review, which completes the third of five milestones in the company's unfunded Space Act Agreement (SAA) with NASA for the Commercial Crew Development Program.

The commercial crew Liberty Transportation System combines two of the world's most reliable propulsion systems. ATK is the prime, providing the human-rated five-segment solid rocket motor as the first stage.  Astrium is providing the core stage from the Ariane 5 rocket, including the Vulcain 2 engine, as Liberty's upper stage. The launch vehicle has the capability to lift 44,000 pounds to low-Earth-orbit.

The five-segment motor is derived from the human-rated Space Shuttle and Ares solid rocket motors, and the core stage for the Ariane 5 was originally slated to lift the Hermes Space Plane. The current goal is to begin test launches in 2015, with a crewed flight in 2016.


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