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#76 2017-09-28 16:23:34

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Re: Martian Calender - I have created a martian calender...

Short answer: they wouldn't celebrate Earth-bound festivals. They are on a different planet.  They would of course celebrate their own Mars New Year once every two Earth years, nearly. I believe we are genetically bound to the lunar cycle as we are the diurnal cycle.  I think a x2 Earth month period is just too long a time period for us, from a genetic point of view. I think a 40 sol time period would be better.

I'd like to see Mars have its own festivals.  A Terraformation Day for instance. A Science Day perhaps.  Let the people of Mars decide.   

Tom Kalbfus wrote:
louis wrote:

As above, I still favour four seasons of 167 sols, comprising 16 periods of ten sols (with those 16 periods further sub-divided into quarters of 4 x 10 sols) and a festival period of 7 days.  The ten sol periods would be the equivalent of our weeks.

So each sol year would comprise 16 quarters (4 quarters for each of the four seasons), and four festival periods. 

Tom Kalbfus wrote:

But we associate March with the beginning of spring. Mars has seasons, Earth has seasons, each part of the Earth year has its analog for Mars, so why not use 12 months but make them longer? There are a lot of cultural reasons for this. We are familiar with the month names of January through December, so why not use them for Mars as well? And since Earth Mars month is longer than its equivalent Earth month, we know where to put all the traditional holidays, in the first half of each Mars Month. Christmas would be o December 25th, and then you have half a Mars Month left before you celebrate New Years Day!

Okay, on what date would Martian colonists pop their Champaign corks and celebrate a New Year? When would they celebrate Christmas, Easter, Valentines Day, Halloween, Saint Patrick's Day?

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#77 2017-09-28 16:58:43

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Re: Martian Calender - I have created a martian calender...

As for formatting, I would greatly favor Year-Month-Day. It's the system we on this forum use, and it makes sorting by date easier.

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