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#26 2004-05-20 16:26:58

From: In the country near Rolla Miss
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Re: Evidence for falling snow - Opportunity image shows pillar of light


Thanks for the links.  I remembered in the back of my mind the 22 degree value for water ice, but had not done the research to determine the values for CO2 crystal halos.  By the way, I think the extreme lines you pointed out are multiple reflections or saturation effects in the camera system, and on closer examination of some of the images I can see lens flares as images of a system iris near, but slightly to the side of, the sun image.  The partial halo after sunset and some of the other, more subtle, effects still have me intrigued. 

Your linked images definitely show the pillar phenomenon, but I've personally seen much more dramatic examples at the edge of Lake Ontario in which the pillar extended all the way from my second story window, where I could see the glints from the surfaces of falling individual snow flakes, to the distant, near horizon, sun's disk.

Thanks again, we might come up with a valid inference yet.  It would be interesting to see if a real time movie image would show scintillations, although I don't think we have that capability there.[/color:post_uid0]

Rex G. Carnes

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