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#26 2017-03-17 09:57:30

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Re: Projects - projects we can do now to get to Mars

"We are actually far better prepared for Mars now than NASA was in 1961 as it looked to getting a man on the Moon before the end of the decade and returning him safely to the Earth again," Dr Clarke says.

"If we put our mind to it we could be on Mars in 10 years."

NASA's timeframe is a little longer. The first step is to land astronauts on an asteroid around 2024, then it hopes to land astronauts on the Red Planet in the 2030s.

In the meantime it is testing out a range of technologies on the International Space Station, exploring the surface of Mars with robot landers, and developing space suits, exploration vehicles and deep space habitats to help astronauts live and work on Mars.

According to Dr Clarke, there are five key issues we need to look at in preparation for sending people to Mars. … ing-tools/ ] TOP 5 INTERACTIVE SOCIAL MEDIA MARKETING TOOLS

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#27 2017-03-17 18:20:52

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Re: Projects - projects we can do now to get to Mars

NASA has been the biggest brake on Mars settlement for the last 40 years.

Let's Go to Mars...Google on: Fast Track to Mars


#28 2017-04-29 09:25:53

From: Oconto, WI usa
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Re: Projects - projects we can do now to get to Mars

"Projects We Can Do Now"....     ( OK... let's roll up our sleeves )

- Promulgate a "Maker_Mars" program for MakerSpaces to produce EVA Experiments for the MDRS.
- Execute a SIM for Remote Piloting of a Supply Ship (UAV) to the Analog(s).
- TMS to Initiate Radio Communications to ALL Analogs on Earth (the way it should be - with no borders).
- Fabricate and use an ISRU device to produce Methane to fuel the Converted ATVs.
- Make an inexpensive Ground Penetrating Radar for fitting onto the Hab's Rover.
- Have and Encourage, Licensed Amateur Radio Operators for ALL Crew Members  AND  Mission Control.
- Gamma & Cosmic Ray Detector PERMANENTLY at the Habs.
- Improved EVA Suit DEDICATED TELEMETRY devices for Health & Position Monitoring ( NO GPS ! ).
- Geodesics Program, with Magneto-Metric and EM-I Detectors for Complete-Subsurface-Tomography.
- Sell MDRS Cook Books - proceeds go to The Mars Society.
- 3D Print a New Series of EVA Helmets WITH Heads Up Display linked to the Habs.
- Make use of RF Beacons and Line-of-Sight Communications (you're gonna need it, trust me).
- Test Different protocols of Telemetry under low-power & high-interference conditions.
- Determine best locations in Tharsis Region for Lava Tube Habitats for protection from harsh radiation.
- Produce a mock up of the Sample-Return Mission.
- MAKE the devices that are onboard the Sample-Return Mission ( might just actually go there ! ).
- Write "a proper" Technical Manual for the MDRS in Apollo Style ( not a camping booklet ).
- A Full-Sized, Permanent-Based ROVER, Power generated by Solar and Methane Generator to Battery Storage.
- A Single Prop (methane fueled), Ares Rocket-Plane Style of Drone, for FLIR Photogrammetry Survey of entire Hab area.

Of course, people will post whinny remarks about "we don't have money" or the typical "ahem.. no can do"

I DID mention about MakerSpace as the vehicle for "Maker_Mars", yeah?
Google them up, find one in your area, physically ask them, and make things happen, make us proud.
The objective is to get the enthusiasts to actually make things that can actually be sent to MDRS, FMARS, Mars.

An excellent topic Robert.. thank you !


#29 2017-04-29 11:39:53

From: New Hampshire
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Re: Projects - projects we can do now to get to Mars

Excellant idea to establish radio communications in real time from a base to base for what might be mars exploration in the early years with still a typical command base on earth simulation of delay to allow for creating a fuller simulation of early mars.

I also agree that insitu developement can be utilized as practice uses for a mars colony safely here on earth for lots of items to which we might someday use on mars, such as backup power generation from mars simulated fuels being stored, excess fuels can also be used for the ATV as mentioned as well as any airial devices or rocket hopping units. We could use dry ice and control the process times in the simulation of fuel creation at the quantities that we would be able to make on mars. Not to meantion trying out an atmospheric water desicant panel creation system, Soil water simulations and so much more.

A msdr cookbook could also be used to aid in nutricinal as well as mean planning for the eventual mars journey. To which making use of a greenhouse plant growth program to suppliment the dried foods that we would be making use of. This allow for time to plant to harvest mind set developement for what we want to eat on a daily basis.

3 D priniting units are only as good as the supplied materials to feed them with and until we develope the isitu means to create that feed stock they are going to be a nicety to have but not essential.


#30 2017-04-29 15:12:27

From: UK
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Re: Projects - projects we can do now to get to Mars

Would it make more sense to wash your clothes in the shower, having maybe first applied a disinfectant spray?  Maybe a small boil wash device for underwear if we feel that's not hygienic enough? My brother used to take disposable paper underwear  when he went hitch hiking in the innovative sixties.

RobertDyck wrote:

One Mars Society project could be the laundry machine. Developing a laundry machine for ISS is more difficult, but we could develop one for Mars. It would just be an RV washer/dryer combo. For Mars we would reduce weight, for example using aircraft grade titanium alloy for the drum, and aluminum alloy for the case. By "case" I mean the sides, front, back, top, bottom of the appliance. Commercial ones already use LED controls. Power would have to be compatible with spacecraft power system. ISS uses unusual power; high voltage and high frequency AC. And it would need laundry soap compatible with the water recycling system. That would probably be laundry soap rather than detergent.

Some examples of RV washer/dryer combo: here

Let's Go to Mars...Google on: Fast Track to Mars


#31 2017-05-02 05:41:45

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Re: Projects - projects we can do now to get to Mars

Buckets and ringer. Water recovery from drying room. Degradeable detergent so that laundry water can be used in the greenhouse.


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