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#76 2015-08-23 06:21:48

Tom Kalbfus
Registered: 2006-08-16
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Re: Japan Eyes Future Manned Moon Base, Space Shuttle

RGClark wrote:

The ESA taking a cue from NASA's commercial crew program has decided to follow the commercial space approach to developing the new Ariane 6.

The Japanese space agency should also take this approach.

   Bob Clark

What manned capacity does Ariane 6 have? I never heard about those European Rockets being man-rated.


#77 2015-08-23 07:06:11

From: Winnipeg, Canada
Registered: 2002-08-20
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Re: Japan Eyes Future Manned Moon Base, Space Shuttle

Ariane 5 was originally supposed to lift a manned space capsule to ISS. But the Europeans never did finish the spacecraft. The closest they got was ATV. But again, Ariane 4 was the satellite launcher, Ariane 5 was designed to launch European astronauts to ISS. When the spacecraft was cancelled, they had to do something with the new big rocket. They found Ariane 5 could launch several satellites at once. And doing so cost less per satellite. So Ariane 5 was re-purposed.

I checked Encyclopedia Astronautica for Ariane 6. The only entry I found is this: FLTP


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